Business Transformation

Because the your company is made of different people. Because you ask everyone to put the shoulder to the wheel, then why not provide them with the best methods, processes and tools there are! Demand the best from everyone, expect great results!

Working in the 21st century

Because you want a service delivery model that meets the expectations.
Typical advances in service management requires your business to remain top of it’s class at all time. Typical levels nowadays include realtime monitoring of problems, incidents, and changes. Full, highly detailed reports, KPI, for all teams available in a click, transparency for upper management, detailed course of actions and advanced workflow, alarms and professional image for the customers. All this, we can help deliver, so you focus on your business, and not your problems!

Product Management

We offer a wide range of services to meet every type of need.
Organize and plan the way you deliver products, by creating roadmaps based on company’s goals, customer’s requests and developer’s greatest ideads. Manage strategy, create support charts for sales and marketing. Define priorities and remain on schedule at all time.

Management solutions for engineering and non-IT

For you in engineering, production, marketing, legal, and every other department of your company.
A lot of initiatives to provide strong and serious solutions to typical business needs, such as Human Resources, Marketing and Sales (such as CRM for instance), production, and so on. The big advantage of being on a similar framework is that everyone has access to the most recent information in realtime. We both cover integration or single tool configuration (such as Atlassian).

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