DevOps, Testing and Agility

Build more robust software, more quickly.
Key values of DevOps
DevOps is a set of best practices combining the work of development, IT and operation teams in so to deliver and support complex and multi-disciplinary software applications that are more robust, more quickly. DevOps tools make a consistant use of automation practices, so to continuously integrate, test and deliver your software. Any given DevOps organization works just like an Agile one by bringing different teams together to generate value even faster.
A first step would be to increase the quality of the software, requires a reasonable effort and allows to mature faster. We can help you set it up. Second steps would include DevSecOps (including a roadmap for applications security) and finally, realtime monitoring.
Automate the integration of code changes from many contributors into a single software project. The CI process includes automatic tools to assert the new code’s correctness before integration. Tools include source code versionning such as Git, but also syntax checks tools.
Focus on building streamlined software by automating your release process. We can create pipeline to deploy software applications, by automating testing, deployment on servers, monitoring tools and so onAt the heart of the release process is an iterative feedback loop. The feedback loop revolves around delivery of software to the end user as quickly as possible, learning from their hands-on experience, and then incorporating that feedback into the next release.
By replacing the execution of manual tests with automated tests, you refocus your resources on continuous integration (CI). CI allows tests to be run automatically on any code changes and ensures that they work as expected without introducing new bugs. The testers of yesterday are becoming experts at continuous improvement in software quality.

Agile and DevOps

Mature your development flow
Development and testing is engineering, with a bit of art. Integrating DevOps and testing in Agile methodologies is masterpiece! Let us help you properly define your strategy and tools in concordance with your goals and budget. We can improve your throughput at the highest levels.
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