Digital Transformation in Engineering & AI

Because the your company is made of different people. Because you ask everyone to put the shoulder to the wheel, then why not provide them with the best methods, processes and tools there are! Demand the best from everyone, expect great results!
Developmentof of IOT systems, should they be Agile or not, require to be rigourous. They all should include feature or more formal requirement roadmapping and a test strategy. They are going to change the way you work. Learn with us about the best ways to accomplish those tasks.
The world of systems engineering is the world of maturity designs, starting from requirements management, down to system-level and functional tests, not forgetting hardware, software and system development. And yes, it can all be Agile too. Tailor your environment with us!
Artificial Intelligence is now at our doors, and the job of thousands of people will be affected. But did we just take the time thinking of how to remodel our processes so that we do not go backward? We can work this out with you!

Digital Strategy

Plan and execute your journey while integrating cutting edge technology into your business model

The need to operate businesses digitally is accelerating and changing at a pace to which we must adapt. Transformation is now a real-time requirement: companies are deploying new technologies and new business models to grow. They must .reinvent themselves as agile organizations

To meet these challenges, Heronsquad proposes to assist its customers to develop their digital strategy. We help companies meet their corporate objectives based on technological deployment. Our team supports you through different stages of such projects : from coupling the technological decisions with the business objectives – the Business Approach, to technical analysis, definition of solutions, planning, realization, execution and finally coaching – the Technical Approach.

ALM: Application Lifecycle Management

Professional standard defining the lifecycle of Sw/Sys applications for projects up to 25 people.

The ISO/IEC 29110 targets startups, SME and departments of large organizations. Having standardized processes and tools within your organization, generates predictability when developing products. This brings confidence to both teams and customers. Surprises are less likely to happen, risks are controlled and minimized, reusing what has been done before suddenly becomes an automation. Uniformizing the way to do work ensures coherency in work, reduces the time required for thinking such things.

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