For meetings that matter.

Klaxoon brings all together the essential activities into one platform to run workshops easily. Those include a virtual whiteboard, surveys, memo, communications tools, information sharing features, automated reporting, and built-in video conferencing.
With Klaxoon, the Workshop Platform, run efficient workshops confidently.

Founded in 2015, Klaxoon is used by over 10 000 customers in 120 countries worldwide. Klaxoon held more than 10 million workshops in 2021.

The Workshop Platform includes the perfect solutions, functionality, and methods for you and your team. An all-in-one SaaS tool for mindful, engaging and effective collaboration. Millions of people across the world use the Workshop Platform everyday!
From ideation workshops, design thinking, project management, customer meetings, team rituals, training sessions, and business reviews, Klaxoon provides an unmatched experience of mindful collaboration through efficient workshops.

Flexibility, Mobility & Adaptability

From anywhere, at any time, and from any device, effectively engage teams and get things done in a hybrid environment.

As a platinum partner, we’ll help get the most value out this powerful tool by analysing your needs and helping you in your transformation process toward a better way of conducting meeting.

Discover the value of efficient visual collaboration with The Total Economic ImpactTM of Klaxoon