Systems Thinking Approach to Implementing Kanban


Kanban STATIK Workshop: Optimize your workflow and maximize your productivity!

Do you want to improve your team’s efficiency, reduce bottlenecks and increase value delivery? The Kanban STATIK workshop is specially designed for teams who want to master the Kanban methodology and implement a visual workflow management system.

During this interactive workshop, certified Kanban experts will guide you through the 8 essential steps of STATIK, divided into 5 sub-workshops.


Virtual : 3000 $

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Workshop #1 – Steps 1 and 2 (2h): Understanding Kanban fundamentals and identifying sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction

  • Explore who your customers are and how you generate value for them.

  • Identify internal and external sources of dissatisfaction with your current system.

Workshop #2 – Steps 3 and 4 (4h to 6h): Analyze demand and capacity

  • Analyze the nature of your customers’ demand and understand expectations.
  • Assess your team’s ability to meet demand and identify any imbalances.

Workshop #3 – Steps 5 and 6 (3h to 4h): Model the workflow

  • Use a Kanban board to model your workflow and visualize the steps in your process.
  • Identify value-added and wasteful steps.

Workshop #4- Step 6 (1h to 2h): Discover classes of service

  • Identify the different classes of service based on the cost profile of late requests.
  • Use swimlanes on your Kanban board to visualize the different classes of service.

Workshop #5 – Steps 7(1h to 2h): Designing the Kanban system

  • Introduce work-in-progress (WIP) limits to create an efficient pull system.
  • Establish explicit policies for your workflow and implement feedback cadences.

Step 8: Socialize your system and continuous improvement

  • This final step is all yours, and emphasizes the importance of getting feedback on your system, both externally and internally.

After completing these 5 sub-workshops, you’ll be able to design and implement a Kanban system tailored to your team and your customers, promoting continuous improvement and operational efficiency.

Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your team’s performance. Reserve your place at the Kanban STATIK workshop now and transform the way you work.

Terms and conditions

Tool provided by Innovarok (Klaxoon)

If required, a room can be provided by the customer or by Innovarok, the cost of room hire and travel will be added.