SAFe® : Scaled Agility Framework tailored

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is a base of proven and integrated principles, put into practice, for leading organization inrerested in becoming Lead, Agile and DevOps. This framework is a set a knowledge such as roles, responsibilities, activities and artifacts, aiming at planning, managing and delivering solutions to customers, in the best possible time. SAFe® benefits are better engagement, time-to-market, quality and productivity. These benefits compare to our values!

Aligb strategy, budget and execution. Optimize operations across the portfolio. Decentralize decision making by creating a lean governance.
Everyone in the organization learn and mature. Explore and create. Continuously improve your solutions, services and processes is everyone’s responsibility.
Apply lean system engineering to built solutions. Coordinate along the supply chain. Lead the change. Align mindset words and actions.
Inspire others by modeling expected behaviours. Find the flag bearers, apply the Lean-Agile model at all time by empowering individuals to get to their maximal potential. Lead the change.
Create a customer centric environment. Seek for customer satisfaction at all time and improve. The customer is at the center of the Agile strategy
Deploy high performance and cross-functional Agile teams. Create entreprise-wide Leand and Agile mindset. Respond quickly to opportunities and threats

What we bring ?

SAFe requires that you intervene at all levels of the organization. Everyone must understand the state of the business, the goals, and what directions to take to meet those goals. By synchronizing people and activities regularly, development remains in alignment with high level vision. Information should circulate from top down and bottom up in a timely way. Transparency is a must.
Getting such levels of maturity requires time, patience and skills. Meet with our team of experts to understand how we can help you grow that way, one stone at a time.

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