Why choose Innovarok?

Explore our customized workshops designed to strengthen collaboration, efficiency and innovation within your team. Interactive sessions led by experts to solve your specific challenges.

  • Outstanding Facilitators: We have some of the best facilitators in the business, with a wide range of expertise covering several methods and approaches.


  • Klaxoon partner: As a privileged collaborator of Klaxoon, a tool dedicated to improving collective intelligence, we have a tailor-made facilitation asset for our workshops. This alliance strengthens our ability to offer interactive and collaborative sessions, taking your workshop experience to new heights.


  • Personalized approach: We believe in the uniqueness of each team and company. Our personalized approach ensures that each workshop is tailored to your specific needs, maximizing its impact and relevance to your success.

Our Values:

  • Collaborative solidarity: Encourage mutual aid and solidarity between team members, promoting mutual assistance and support for colleagues, partners and customers.
  • Customer satisfaction: Focus on customer satisfaction, ensuring we meet their needs, understand them and offer them an exceptional experience.
  • Curiosity and continuous learning: Cultivate intellectual curiosity and the desire to learn continuously, encouraging the search for new knowledge and skills to stay at the forefront of innovation.
  • Respect and diversity of ideas: Foster an environment where every voice is respected and valued, encouraging diversity of ideas, perspectives and experiences.
  • Balance and well-being: Promote a healthy work-life balance, supporting employees’ well-being and providing an environment where they can be authentic, while fostering sustainable ways of working.

Our team will help you :

  • Facilitate the workshop by getting the most out of the group
  • Develop new workshops based on your issues/needs

When you choose Innovarok to run a workshop, it enables you to move forward one step at a time in your team’s/company’s maturity.


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