Balance and well-being

Promote a healthy work-life balance, supporting employees’ well-being and providing an environment where they can be authentic, while fostering sustainable working practices.

Curiosity and continuous learning

Customer satisfaction oriented

Focus on customer satisfaction, ensuring we meet their needs, understand them and deliver an exceptional experience.

Innovarok's 5 guiding values

Working together

Encourage mutual aid and solidarity among team members, promoting mutual assistance and support for colleagues, partners and customers.

Respect and diversity of ideas

Foster an environment where every voice is respected and valued, encouraging a diversity of ideas, perspectives and experiences.

Innovarok's 10 principles

Have fun and cultivate a positive, caring atmosphere.

Respect the ideas, opinions and differences of others, and encourage diversity and inclusion.

Be open and available to help colleagues, partners, customers and even people outside the company.

Encourage experimentation and innovation, and don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things.

Put customer satisfaction at the heart of all actions and decisions.

Promote transparent, open and honest communication between team members.

Demonstrate curiosity and a willingness to learn continuously, encourage training and the sharing of knowledge.

Encourage collaboration and teamwork, and develop synergies and complementarities.

Adopt an attitude of humility, recognizing that no one is superior to another, whether in terms of role, skills or experience.

Promote work-life balance and support the well-being of colleagues. To have the opportunity to be oneself at work and promote sustainable working methods.

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